Introducing Amazing New Organic GMO Products | September 09, 2015

At Healthy Harvest Productions, we pride ourselves on providing the safest, healthiest, highest quality, and best tasting food products as we possibly can.

Our Expeller-Pressed Organic Gourmet Cooking Oil is produced using a century old artisanal process. This process employs a mechanical press to expel the oil and a kettle batch process to further refine the oil, thus eliminating the need for caustic chemicals used in the production of conventional oils. This not only improves the flavor of foods while using our oil, but also retains the natural antioxidants and Omega-3’s that the traditional chemical extraction process significantly reduces. Additionally, it doubles the oils fry life due to the unique heat resistance of the oil. This process yields the first ever non-GMO/Organic feed used to produce NON-GMO pork, beef, and poultry.


Now available on our website, our organic cooking oils and non-GMO cooking oils are available for retail and wholesale.

Proudly Available at These Retailers
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