Healthy Harvest Cooking Oils Are Now Non-GMO Project Verified | September 23, 2015

Non-GMO Project verified cooking oil

Great tasting, organic, non GMO cooking oils are now Non-GMO Project Verified

Healthy Harvest Productions, Inc., a sustainable sunflower and soy cooking oil company, has earned the prestigious badge of Non-GMO Project Verified which affirms their commitment to transparent, sustainable farming procedures.

Healthy Harvest supports the model of a healthy farm way of life and supports sustainable solutions for family farms. By buying non-GMO and organic crops from farmers, producing high quality cooking oil products and then selling the by-product back to animal farms as non-GMO feed, Healthy Harvest has created a sustainable farm cycle, supporting farmers and providing healthy, safe and tasty consumer products.

The Non-GMO Project is North America’s only third-party verification and labeling organization for Non-GMO food and products. GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses, and other animals and plants. These experimental combinations of genes cross the natural species barrier and have not been proven safe.

To earn verification, products must be produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standards. This involves rigorous testing and inspection by a third-party verification organization of all raw materials and manufacturing facility. Being listed with the Non-GMO Project requires ongoing testing for all major GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections and an annual audit to ensure the highest possible standards for GMO avoidance are met.

Healthy Harvest produces sunflower and soy cooking oils for direct to consumer, retail and commercial. They offer both organic and non-GMO options and can now proudly display the Non-GMO Project Verified logo. Healthy Harvest believes in the healthy farm way of life and provides a means for family farms to make a fair living selling their organic and Non-GMO crops as well as provide feed for other farms producing non-GMO animal products. By providing sustainable solutions for those wishing to farm and eat with a conscience, Healthy Harvest Productions delivers.

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