Our Non-GMO Culture

Non GMO Culture

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) are genetically engineered products created by biotech industries with little long-term effects research. With new research and statistics establishing increased health and environmental risks surrounding genetically modified food, more and more consumers are avoiding, even protesting its consumption and demanding more research and better labeling.

For more detailed information on GMOs, please visit the Non GMO Report.

As the demand for non GMO products increases, Healthy Harvest is proud to be part of positive change in supporting farmers who choose to grow non GMO crops. We buy non GMO soybeans and sunflower seeds direct from farmers, providing fair market value for non GMO commodities.

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Healthy Harvest's Non GMO Standards

Healthy Harvest adheres to a stringent set of industry standards in order to achieve and assure that our customers are getting as high a level of purity in their product as is currently available for any equivalent Non-GMO product offering. The goal of our maintaining and adhering to these high standards is to insure that we maintain the integrity of our products by reducing the risk of GMO contamination throughout the entire supply chain, which includes the supply chain from farmers to processors, from processors to refiners and ultimately from the refiners to those who package the final product.

Because Healthy Harvest is a “soil to plate”, vertically-oriented, coordinated and structured system our company is able to achieve and maintain the highest levels of product integrity and purity. By starting with healthy soil and then utilizing clean Non-GMO seeds, the farmers are further assured of achieving success due to the direct assistance and expertise they receive from Healthy Harvest. We further assist them by both training and teaching them the most cost-effective and efficient means of implementing the various systems of compliance and traceability throughout the entire supply chain in order to achieve and maintain the highest standards of product integrity and purity.

The quality control methods that we both employ, monitor and review on a regular basis in order to help us to maintain and achieve our high quality standards include the following:

  • Segregation
  • Product Traceability
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Quality Control Management & Ongoing Training
  • The Visual Inspection and Analytical Testing of our crops, seed products, as well as the processed and refined ingredients that are subsequently produced and then used to make our finished products at any number of different and critical points throughout the entire supply chain
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