Supporting Sustainable Farming

Non-GMO Farmers

Healthy Harvest supports the network of farm families that produce our sustainable and fully traceable organic and non-GMO products. From its inception, Healthy Harvest was founded with a mission to create healthy, humane, and economically viable practices for family farmers to livestock producers. From non GMO and organic soybean and sunflower seed farms to organic and non GMO hog and poultry farms, Healthy Harvest connects farmers and consumers to ensure market value pricing and sustainable production models.

Healthy Harvest believes in maintaining and enhancing the health of our natural resources beginning with the soil. By working with non GMO farm families, we understand the environmental benefits of a non GMO cropping system, recognizing the benefits over traditional GMO cropping systems. Our farmers use natural methods including crop rotation, use of non GMO seed, and a sustainable approach to applying inputs, which usually mitigate problems associated with resistant weeds and insects.

We support non GMO farms and traditional farms considering adopting non GMO farming techniques. Healthy Harvest offers agronomic expertise to those that are interested in learning more about non GMO initiatives and farming practices while supporting a level of economic sustainability and growth.

From non GMO and organic crops to non GMO feed for animals, Healthy Harvest provides a sustainable model for those that wish to farm and eat with a conscience.

Non GMO & Organic Feed Available

In addition to selling our non GMO and organic cooking oil products, we also work with the feed grain sector to sustainably deliver non GMO feed and organic feed to hog and poultry production farms for healthy and sustainable meat.

Interested in buying Non GMO Feed

Seeking Non GMO & Organic Crop Sources

If you are a farmer interested in learning more about our exciting non GMO initiatives or you are a farmer interested in selling your non GMO soybeans and/or organic sunflower crops to us, we want to talk to you too!

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