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Izzie's Restaurant

Izzie’s Restaurant in Palm Bay loved the oil! Izzie said it lasted 2 weeks, compared to one for her regular oil. She thought it was still good, but changed it anyway. The flavor was excellent, and it didn’t leak tastes from one food to the next, including Friday Fish Fry. She did say that it seemed to bubble more than regular oil, but it was really no problem.

Casa Somerset Bed and Breakfast


I am so impressed with Healthy Harvest Oils, we use them all of the time at Casa Somerset B&B and Organic Gardens. I was challenged by chef at JCCC Local Food class to find a local oil that was good. I looked for  long time with no luck, then I find Healthy Harvest, it is non GMO, which super important on our organic farm.  We try to be sustainable. The guests are loving it. We have sold it at our local farmers market as well at the B&B. Thanks for being part of the local food movement.

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Grace Place / Trailhead Café

Cody: When you add the sunflower back in to top your oil, it does add a good, fresh flavor of the fresh oil back into the food. To where as the Canola oil, you’re just adding it to bring it back to the oil fill line and you’re not seeing that freshness. So you’re getting the same seven or eight day flavor out of the Canola oil to where the seven or eight days when you add the Sunflower oil, it seems to kind of rejuvenate that oil and continue to give the food good flavor until that ten, eleven, or twelve days. So that was one thing that I really like about the Sunflower oil. It brings a good flavor through the whole use to where the Canola oil, the first five or six days is really good, and then from day six to day eight, nine, or ten, you can see that the oil is much darker and you can taste how the oil is aging.  *Once we completely switched over to sunflower oil, we were seeing a fry life of 14-15 days, which is nearly double of what we were seeing with our Canola oil. And even at the end of the 14-day cycle, the oil was still cleaner than the 6th-7th day on the Canola Oil.

Duane: Did you have any customers notice the difference when using our Sunflower oil?

Cody: Yes, a few. It was a limited number. I think oil is kind of a hard thing to pick out. People who are dieting and people who are trying to eat light, definitely said “Did you guys change your oil? Was there kind of an oil change here?” Heather Butcher is one, she’s really specific about her oils and such. I showed her the Sunflower oil that we’re using for our green chili and other foods, and she was pretty excited about the Non-GMO and the healthy benefits of the Sunflower oil over the other oils we have used.

Duane: Great. Anything else you would like to say about our Sunflower oil?

Cody: I just like the lightness and the food flavor is great. I have never used Sunflower oil in a fryer before, so I was kind of interested to see how that went and it all seemed to cook very well. The consistency held nice. The longevity of the oil was definitely longer than the Canola oil by at least a couple of days. And I think once we start filtering our fryers here at the end of each day in our new location, I think we will be able to stretch that to around fourteen days, maybe longer. So that might help us a little bit with pricing. But yes, we love the Sunflower oil, and we’ve been using it in all of our sautéed vegetables and such. 

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Greeley Colorado School District

Matthew Poling – Executive Chef Greeley School District                

Matthew: “We love it.  We’re actually going through it quicker than I thought.  It’s working great as a cooking oil and it’s keeping it’s shelf life.  I haven’t heard any complaints from the schools either.  It’s working great.  We haven’t had any smoking or off flavors.  It definitely withstands the temperatures we’re throwing at it.”

The Wild Game

Duane: Steve, you’ve been using our Non-GMO healthy harvest oil for a while now, could you give us a few comments about that?

Steve: Sure, I think we’re about 6 months now and it’s taken a little bit of time to figure out the proper usage and filtering of it because it’s different from the prior type oils that we’ve used.  We’re finding we get a much cleaner product out of the baskets and a much longer shelf life on usage of the oil.  Overall, I think the teams feel great about the health aspect of the oil as everybody these days is paying a whole lot more attention to what they’re consuming.

Duane: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.  Has anybody noticed any difference in the taste of the food?

Steve: Yes, myself personally.  We went through a number of taste tests on the front end. We went through taste tests and comparable tests (oil to oil), and specifically I’m finding taste seems to come across a lot cleaner.  You can taste the food product, more so, than you can taste the oil or the grease that you would taste in the prior used oil.  The chefs and the teams are finding the same thing.  They’re finding a much more vibrant taste from the food with the new product.

Duane: Thank you very much Steve, we appreciate it.

Steve: Yes, you’re welcome.

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Linda is the Kitchen Manager over at Reelfish located in Lafayette, CO.  She has been in the restaurant business for 10 years. –

We have been using Healthy Harvest Productions’ cooking oil and it’s definitely the cooking oil from Healthy Harvest and the fast, casual part of our business that really sells it.  It’s a great product not a lot of people find around here for a decent price. I can tell you people love that our cooking oil is Nongmo.  People seem to appreciate that we’re trying to make our food healthier, even though it is fried food.

When you fry at the right temperatures with the right oil, you’re not getting all of that fat in your food.  People really appreciate that. The food at Reelfish is definitely less oily.  The oil actually holds its temperature a lot better because we’ll have about 40-50 people coming in at dinner rush in a 30 min. time span.  So the oil we’re getting from Healthy Harvest definitely stays at a more even temperature.  It stays more consistent.

We were using a straight Soybean oil from Healthy Harvest, and we’re now using a High Oleic Canola oil and Soybean oil mix. The High Oleic Canola oil has definitely increased our smoke point which allows us to use the oil much longer, with a better flavor.  It also doesn’t go rancid as fast, which is really nice for the volume of food we’re cooking.  Again, I think the High Oleic holds the temperature better.  It’s just working out great for us!

Also, the service HHP provides is phenomenal.  You guys call me every week and check to see what I need and if I need anything extra.  You ask how the cooking oil is performing, and I think that is wonderful!  I’m so busy running around trying to get everything accomplished and sometimes it does slip right by me, and I can always count on you guys to call and get our order.  Also, if I ever need an extra shipment, you guys bring it out immediately.  I think that’s wonderful.  When we did want to switch to the High Oleic oil it was very easy and great to deal with.  The mixing that you guys do is wonderful.  Also, you let us try the oil at the same price point as the oil we were buying from you before until we found a mix that we like.  That was awesome.  Everything is just wonderful.  No real cons here.  We have really enjoyed switching and I know Dan and I both appreciate that it’s a family business and we can call whenever.  We love the product we’re using and it’s a lot easier to clean our fryers with this oil.  There’s not a lot of buildup and gunk.  We were using corn oil before doing business with HHP, and there was a very heavy layer of grease every time we had to change the oil.  Then we’d have to scrub that off and use harsh chemicals and now that we’ve switched to this, it’s very easy.  Basically just wiping out the fryers and giving them a good boil every couple weeks and we’re done! 

Dan is the owner of Reelfish –

The oil from Healthy Harvest Productions has been working great for us.  We love using a NONGMO product.  We also love the fact that HHP is local and a small business that we can support.  The oil itself has been great.  It’s more reasonably priced than the corn oil – canola blend that we were using before we switched to a Healthy Harvest cooking oil.  We don’t see a lot of flavor transfer in the oil, so it holds up well for us.  We really appreciate the flexibility in being able to try different blends and see how it holds up under the stress of high use and make adjustments with it.  All in all, we are very pleased with the oil and plan on continuing to use it!

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Island Grill


Gary is the General Manager of Island Grill located in Fort Collins, CO.

I love the oil we purchase from Healthy Harvest Productions.  The price is great, we’re paying less than what we were before and it’s a better quality oil.  It definitely lasts longer than the oil we were using.  We probably get 5 days out of a jib or a full fryer.  It’s also a lot healthier than the oil we were using before.

Your guys’ service is awesome.  If I ever need something, I can just call you guys and you’ll bring it out right away.

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Weld County School District

Matthew Poling – Executive Chef

We absolutely love the cooking oil from Healthy Harvest Productions.  Before switching oils, we were using this blend of Olive oil and I believe Canola oil.  We are now purchasing NONGMO Sunflower Oil from HHP.  We’re actually going through it quicker than I thought.  It’s working great as a cooking oil and it’s keeping it’s shelf life.  I haven’t heard any complaints from the schools either.

I also love the taste of the oil.  It’s fairly neutral for our purposes.  We’re enjoying it.

We currently haven’t done any frying.  Beings we’re a school district, we actually do not have any fryers either here or at the schools.  We do some high temperature sautéing in large batches in our tilt skillets.  We haven’t had any smoking or off flavors.  It definitely withstands the temperatures we’re throwing at it!

The Empire Lounge & Restaurant

the empire


Carlos – Executive Chef

The oil we are currently using from Healthy Harvest Productions is a NONGMO Sunflower oil.  The longevity of the oil is phenomenal.  It doesn’t seem to burn as fast, it has a high smoke point.  The oil tastes really clean and doesn’t have a lot of back flavor.  I notice when I use Olive Oil, it tastes like Olive Oil or when I use Sesame Oil, it tastes like Sesame seeds.  The Sunflower Oil we are using from HHP, has a very clean taste.  We use it in dressings and vinaigrettes because I can use a bunch of ingredients and still be able to taste the ingredients that I want to show case, instead of just being able to taste the oil.  We also love using the oil to sauté.  It has a higher smoking point compared to other oils.  What happens when you burn an oil, it will create different flavonoids which makes food taste different – it gives you that ‘off’ taste and you don’t experience that with this oil.  I also love using the oil to fry our house meatballs, which helps them come out nice, clean, and crisp.   It’s been a staple in our restaurant for years.  The service that HHP provides is great.  They always fulfill our needs. There is nothing else that Healthy Harvest Productions can do that they’re not doing already. 

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Martini's Bistro



Healthy Harvest Productions is a high quality oil, with a long life in a deep fryer.  I was very happy to find out that it is a Colorado product.  Also, the NONGMO aspect is what customers in Colorado and Boulder County are looking for.  5 stars!


James Crocker Crowder